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New Weather Forecasting Service                                                                        June 2016

All you want to know is will it rain on my wedding, the grand opening, office golf day, our vacation, our neighborhood barbeque.  Will it be sunny or cloudy, windy?  How about hurricanes in the caribbean for business or vacation?  Tell me when/if there will be airline travel delays.  
Those questions are simple and easy for me to answer.  That is what I do.

And very inexpensive.  As little as $25 for the answer.

And very accurate.  I have been forecasting weather for over 30 years.  My development of the Berg Timer has revolutionized weather forecasting.  It can forecast all variants of weather for anywhere, any place in the world, any time in the future.

It's taylored to your individual needs.  You provide one or several date options and I'll tell you which one has the best probability for good weather, or if you want, bad weather.  I can also tell you when travel delays will happen if you want to avoid it.  Or maybe you want the vacation from Hell? --- I can tell you when weather will be bad in the future and with travel delays.

Maybe you want snow for a skiing vacation.  I can tell you that.  Maybe you are planning a Caribbean vacation.  I can tell you if your dates are in a danger zone for hurricane probability on those dates.

The reliability of my indicator, the Berg Timer, is unequalled in today's world of weather forecasting.  Today's forecasters wouldn't even try to go out more than a week, let alone a year.  I can go out a week, month, years, or even decades with no loss in reliability.  That's unheard of anywhere in weather forecasting today, even with today's highly sophisticated technology and computer modeling.

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