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Shun passion, fold the hands of thrift.  Sit still, and Truth is near:  Suddenly it will uplift your eyelids to the sphere:
Wait a little, you shall see the portraiture of things to be.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Shun Passion, 1883

The Line-Up 
The Coach,  Berg Timer Software
Makes everything go.  What it says will happen, happens.  The software calculates 8-hour, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly BT for any year in 10 seconds to a minute with today's computers.  Fans arrive early just to watch it jump around from window to window.  Popcorn extra.
Price:  $150
BT values for any year: $35

The New Four-Star Day Trading System
Just Buy and Sell when four technical indicators line up.  Over 80% reliability.
Price:  $495

The Original, The WEF System (BT values necessary)
Position trades good for at least +15 S&P's.  See link for historical 17-year, hit by hit history.  Old reliable.  'Nuf said.
Price:  $595

The Double, The WHAMMER + BT Software
Hold on to your hat.  A sudden-strong BT whack! and the S&P 500 goes up for an easy 25 point Slam Dunk.  Wrong sport but who cares when you make this kinda money.  In 2020 it had 16 winners, 1 loser.  25 pts. x $45 per pt. = $1,125 per trade per contract, including commissions.  2020 Net +$16,875 per contract.  2019 with 17 winners and only 2 losers.  Wow!  sit down.  k.  Are you an S&P 500 SPX index options trader?  yeah.  What if you knew, in advance, when a 25-point move will occur?  Do I have to tell ya?  k, Take all of the out-of-the-money options that'll fit into your pockets, for pennies, and sell 'em after a 25-point move when they're worth more sizzlin' hot dollars than you can carry.  WOW!  come down from there.
Price:  $295  Note: Get the WEF System for only $450 more.

The Triple Play, The WEF System + WHAMMER System + BT Software
The Ultimate in hitting both the singles and the long balls.  Stock market trading or investing based on the Berg Timer for futures, options, stocks, and mutual fund timing.  You can even use the BT Software to discover your own system.  
Price:  $745  
payable by wire, check, money order, Western Union, or Zelle (easier than a credit card, and no interest).

A Grand Slam, The Berg Blaster Trading System
Uses actual geomagnetic activity for overnight position trades for stock index futures, stocks, funds, especially index options.  Some say,  really?
After they try it, they say Really!  Even the Federal Reserve wrote a paper on the fact that this guy is the real thing, see link.
Price:  $495

The Arc II Day Trading System + Upgrade to the New Propel System
The Propel will beat most all other systems you'll find for the ES and works in all major markets.  Easy to apply, active, and reliable.
Price:  $495 by wire, check, money order, Zelle (so easy, preferred), or Western Union.  

 Berg's Relative Strength Index Day Trading System
The RSI System works in all kinds of markets --- ES, commodities, currency futures.  The end result of many years of making the RSI work.  Easy to apply, reliable, active, very profitable.  Actually it's a little fun too.
Price:  $495 by wire, check, money order, Western Union, or Zelle (easier than a credit card, and no interest).

contact:  bergtimer@hotmail.com
Purchase can be made by wire, check, money order, Western Union online with credit card, or Zelle, easier than a credit card, and no interest.

To PURCHASE BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD or DIRECT BANK WITHDRAWAL with Western Union, Go To:  Western Union  and click Send Money.
If outside the U.S., google 'Western Union' and your country and you will find the right WU website to use.

Fill out the requests.  

My choice to receive payment is Cash Pickup.

My name should read:
Lawrence Berg
Florida USA

Then provide me with the Confirmation/Transaction Number.  That's it.  
I will immediately send the Product to you by email.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.  Profitable results are not guaranteed.
These are not black box systems.  All calculation and application information is provided.  Nothing is held back.  So returns are not available since it's impossible to return intellectual property.
Inquiry and sales information is never shared or sold.

Larry Berg